We facilitate innovation at organizations

By innovating, you solve current or future problems using new technologies or processes. This looks fantastic on paper, but it’s more complicated in practice. After all, how do you clearly define the problems and goals? And are you implementing the correct governance and culture surrounding the innovation process?

Foryard innovates with you. This allows your organization to reap the benefits of creativity and innovation – and to continue to do so.

Our services

Innovation trajectories and structural innovation

We can guide you through an innovation trajectory. Thanks to methods such as design sprint, design thinking and the development of prototypes, we work our way through a specific problem to a concrete solution together – a process usually lasting between a week and a month.

Would you like to innovate structurally? In the space of about nine months to a year, we help you set up a new innovation lab, or improve your current lab. Together with you, we identify the challenges for innovation within your organization. Next, we create the necessary structure together to constantly innovate at full power.

Innovation trajectory: a quick route from problem to solution

With an innovation trajectory, Foryard helps you design a solution for an existing problem. By using, for example, design thinking sessions or design sprints, we first map out your problem in detail, and then develop and test a prototype. This all happens in the space of a week up to a month.

Structural innovation: innovating on a constant basis

Foryard helps you to innovate structurally by setting up an innovation lab, or by increasing the innovative strength of your current team.

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