Design Sprint

Do you want to test your ideas before building an entire product? With a design sprint, your idea becomes a working prototype in just five days.

Show us your challenge, we provide the solution.

Design Sprint steps

Design Sprint in 5 days

Design Sprint step one icon

Day 1. Understanding the challenge:

We set the stage for the Design Sprint. List stakeholders, challenges and create a Customer Journey Map.

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Day 2. Diverge Ideas:

Sketch ideas, concepts and possible solutions. We will investigate the problem from all possible angles.

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Day 3. Converge Solutions:

We vote for the best ideas and turn them into solutions. Next, we build a storyboard that later will be transformed into a prototype.

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Day 4. Prototype day:

We build an interactive prototype.

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Day 5. Test day:

We validate your idea and gather valuable information from customers or end-users.

Services & prices

Short Sprint

3 days

  • Short analysis with a facilitator
  • Design prototype
  • Realize prototype
  • 1-3 months of work in 1 week

The fastest way to get a prototype build according to your needs.

Design Sprint

5 days

  • Comprehensive problem analysis
  • Creating new ideas
  • Designing prototype
  • Building prototype
  • Testing, validation and reporting
  • 3-6 months of work in 1 week

Your problem or idea will be built and tested in an interactive prototype. All of this in five days. The process will give you insights into the challenges you will meet and will give you all possible solutions. Together we build an innovative prototype. At the last day, the results of the design sprint will be presented in a detailed report.

Custom Sprint

10+ days

  • A full design sprint
  • 3-6 months of work in 1 week
  • Full product development

During the Custom Sprint we will go through the whole process of Design Sprint - Prototype - MVP and finally develop a full product. Throughout the process you will work with the same team of professionals. This way we guarantee an efficient and successful workflow.


During the design sprint, a wide range of experts will be ready to help. They will make sure that your product will be realised within the chosen deadlines. Our experts are skilled humans everyone with a particular talent in diverse specialisms. Depending on your branch or problem/idea we will choose the best experts needed for this design sprint.

Within Foryard I am responsible for facilitating the design sprints. I help others by searching for new ideas and recognising the right steps to take in finding new possibilities. By working constructively, I’m able to connect others in searching for solutions.

Sander Smit


With my company-based look at organisations, I fulfil the facilitator role during a design sprint. Through my management experience, I can guide the group constructively from concept to concept.

Quintus Willemse


With a broad experience as a teacher at the UU and an excellent focus on HR and Behavioral Sciences, I would like to dive into social issues. And solve complex social problems together with the sprint team.

Niek van der Voort

HR & Gedrag expert

Through my experience as a freelance web designer, I have knowledge of many facets in the field of user experience. With every design sprint, I put my qualities as UX designer to achieve an efficient and optimal design.

Jaap van der Voort

UX & Design expert

Due to the broad experience I have with both frontend and backend development, I fulfil the role of development and open data expert.

Arie Visser

Dev. & Open Data expert

From an early age, I’m working on the security of servers and applications. Because of my passion for security and optimising web-and-mobile apps, I fulfil the role of security expert during a design sprint.

Sander de Vos

Dev. & Security expert

In my former function at the Dutch Army, I was responsible for organising and facilitating large teams with a focus on the future. Based on this thirteen years of experience, I fulfil the role of an expert in future organisations during a design sprint.

Niels Hardam

Future Org. expert