Our cases

In recent years, we have achieved successful projects with various companies and governments. We are proud of these projects since they have been successfully accomplished through cooperation, innovation and trust.

The Social Insurance Bank (SVB):

Realization of software lab Novum

The Social Insurance Bank has launched a Design Sprint under the guidance of the Foryard facilitators. During the sprints, many innovative solutions were brought up, dealing with problems for the users of the SVB abroad. Then, the internal innovation lab Novum was realised within the SVB. From inside Novum new sprints will be realised. And prototypes will be further developed.

Novum Innovatie Lab


Collaboration software for teams and companies

Teams regularly share information. Hexacon offers an easy-to-use dashboard, which makes working together more efficient. Wherever you decide to go to work today, you are always up to date with the latest developments within your company or team. You can easily share your presentations, documents and spreadsheets through the cloud interface. And messages and announcements directly to the team via the chat function.

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A Design Sprint for user experience

At the HNK there was a question about the user-friendliness of the website and their mobile application. Through a Design sprint, we created clarity in a week. During the sprint, the user experience was the main focus. At the end of the sprint, the results get tested with the final users, and an advisory report has written for developing a new website and application.


Developing a chatbot prototype

At a presentation at Lab55 about the functionalities of Hexacon, Achmea drew attention to the chat function. The crisis team needed to communicate quicker and more efficient. After some conversations within Achmea, a plan was presented to the crisis team, and a prototype chatbot has been developed. The chatbot will deal with the requests from the users and sends the questions them to the right people within the crisis team.