About us

We assist with innovation and build innovative/pioneering software solutions

What do all Foryard employees have in common? They ♥ digital innovation. With this love as a guiding thread, we operate in two different fields. Our Innovation department helps organizations innovate: both regarding one-time projects and on a constant basis. The Development department builds high quality, powerful and secure online platforms, web applications and internal software solutions.

Always one step ahead with your organization

In the digital age, new developments follow each other at lightning speed. If you’re not completely up-to-date, the gap between your organization and your target group will grow. We ensure that you are always one step ahead. This allows for your clients – and ideally society and the planet as well – to gain maximum benefit from creativity and modernity.

Innovative, tested methods

Both within Development and Innovation, we work with innovative, tested methods such as SCRUM, design thinking, design sprint, and the development of prototypes and minimal viable products. We follow every new trend in up-and-coming technologies, including blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning. This means that we, and by extension the organizations we work for, will always remain up-to-date.

Solutions that fit like a glove

Our professionals have expertise in all areas related to innovation, such as web development, UX and information security. Therefore, the solutions we make and which we help you think about always fit like a glove.

Making a more beautiful world

Our doors are wide open for everyone who wants to move forward thanks to software or other innovative technologies or processes. What’s more, our doors are wide open for organizations who are working towards making the world a more beautiful place. On our part, we like to set the right example, for example by complying with the EU sustainability goals.