About us

We translate your social goal into an innovative software solution

At Foryard, we are true digital innovation enthusiasts who specialize in building high quality & high-performance online platforms, web-apps, and internal software solutions with top range security levels. Focusing on proven modern technologies we make sure that our clients are always a step ahead and can make the greatest positive impact on society & the planet.

We use SCRUM as our Agile development methodology to go from idea to prototype, to final solution. Through our innovation cycles with Design Thinking workshops, Design Sprints, and Minimal Viable Product development we discover what high-quality online platforms our clients need. We approach problems from a human-centred perspective and have the possibility to answer company questions through rapid prototyping and user testing.

Let us know which problem or challenge you are facing. We are happy to get in contact with you to think of possible solutions for your business!

Our history

At the beginning of 2014, Niek and Quintus started a new IT company named LastMason. Both were convinced that running and managing a company should be done radically different. Based on the ideas of Ricardo Semler, the main focus of the company is being able to offer autonomy to people within the company and the people working with our software. Creating autonomy is still number one drive within what nowadays is called Foryard. It gives the company its dynamics, its exponential growth and its great joy while working with customers. The values of Foryard are based on love, trust & transparency.

Newly created companies are rapidly changing the global landscape of doing business. We are surrounded by a generation looking for autonomy at work, for co-ownership in results and for flat organisations focused on societal issues. The younger generation is starting to openly demand this change, and the team of Foryard is guiding the way. Our goal is to tackle societal challenges with an human-centred approach and innovative technologies.

The team

Foryard consists of a team of ambitious young professionals with the desire to make a positive impact on our society. We are skilled individuals everyone with a particular talent in diverse specialisms. Depending on your branch or problem/idea we will choose the best experts needed.