About Foryard

We are a team of ambitious young professionals who use software development as a tool to solve complex challenges, with it as our mission “everybody a fair chance“.

What differentiates us from our competitors is the desire to open the dialogue. Looking at the bigger picture results in durable, long-lasting solutions.

Over the years we have developed complete innovation labs to give speed to organisational improvement, we built chatbot-apps to make customer support more efficient, effective websites with front and back-end, and so much more. All in order to make the working life of our clients more efficient, user-friendly and above all, happier.

Let us know which problem or challenge you are facing. We are happy to get in contact with you, to think of possible solutions for your business.

Journey map

The Founders

Quintus Willemse

After 4.5 years working for multinationals, Quintus concluded that running and managing a company should be done radically different. Based on the ideas of Ricardo Semler, where each individual must have maximum autonomy executing and experiencing their work, him and Niek started an organisation based on the values love, trust and transparency. Within Foryard, Quintus is responsible for Business Development, Finance, Software Development and Marketing. Before starting the company Foryard, he joined Heineken in Congo, Africa. Afterwards he worked at Pon Holdings first as a Management Trainee, later as Director Project Management in Louisiana, USA. His knowledge lies in creating and restructuring new organisations. The end goal is to build an international network of Software Innovation Labs, to influence social entrepreneurship on a worldwide scale. More power to the individual.

Niek van der Voort

Before joining Quintus and founding Foryard, Niek was active at the University of Utrecht and LOI. At the LOI, Niek tutored students following the courses mind mapping and speed learning. At the University, he guided honours students. Also, Niek taught at the Utrecht Center for Entrepreneurship for a year, an initiative of the UU, here he tutored 20 young entrepreneurs. Together with the team at Foryard, he builds innovative software solutions for governments and businesses. Niek is also involved in setting up external innovation labs within companies, implementing SCRUM, business development and building strong and inspiring teams.

The Team

We at Foryard are a group of talented development specialists. We love to solve your problems using our extensive knowledge of emerging technologies.

Look at the Founder section for more information about Quintus.

Quintus Willemse


Look at the Founder section to find more information about Niek.

Niek van der Voort


Through my experience as a freelance web designer, I have knowledge of many facets in the field of user experience. With every design sprint, I put my qualities as UX designer to achieve an efficient and optimal design.

Jaap van der Voort

UX Designer

Within Foryard I am responsible for the technical development of our projects. I have a lot of experience with both frontend and backend development. Besides, I am responsible for development planning.

Arie Visser


Before joining the team of Foryard, I worked with the Dutch Marine Corps as an officer. I have broad knowledge and experience in coordinating complex projects. Optimising business processes is passion and second nature. Within Foryard, I am responsible for setting up external innovation labs and helping Niek and Quintus with strategy and business development.

Niels Hardam

Chief Operating Officer

Within Foryard I am responsible for facilitating the design sprints. I help others by searching for new ideas and recognising the right steps to take in finding new possibilities. By working constructively, I’m able to connect others in searching for solutions that overcome challenges.

Sander Smit


As a team leader in a youth care organisation, I gained extensive experience in setting up and coordinating projects. At the moment I am responsible for setting up an external Innovation Lab at the Dutch Social Insurance Bank (SVB).

Marthe Olde Loohuis

Innovation Consultant

At Foryard, I am responsible for the security of all our servers and applications. My passion is online security, to create and to optimise web-and-mobile apps.

Sander de Vos


From my background as a consultant, I gained much experience as a facilitator of profound design sprints. My speciality lies in discovering new forms of organisation and cooperation.

Kay Waardenburg


At Foryard, I am realising web applications. I manage different programming languages, both frontend and backend. PHP is my favourite programming language and I like to program in the Laravel framework.

Daan de Vos


I follow the Communication Media Design program in Breda. I mainly study in the technical side of the education. Within Foryard, I am responsible for my internship assignments and co-operation with ongoing projects.

Joris Smit